In Search of Shrek

I had a wild holiday in Puerto Rico with one of Cinderella’s step-sisters. She reminded me of this while she was working as a bartender.

This wasn’t one of those weird dreams. I was with my family in the middle of Shrek’s Adventure, in the Poison Apple Pub. As you can guess, there is a strong inter-active element to this show. Earlier, we had been with Cinderella, who had fallen on hard times again. She was desperate to find another Prince Charming and questioned a number of men amongst the visitors as to their royal heritage. One unlucky fellow was invited to conduct an important search in the toilet – I’ll leave the sound effects to your imagination!

The experience had started in a queue, as these things often do. While this was about 30 minutes in our case, it didn’t seem too long, as things were happening all the way along – photo shoots, amusing signs, a message from Donkey in a lift among others. The thing we were queuing for was a 4D magic bus ride. We couldn’t just get on this bus. We had to sing for it to arrive! A loud rendition of “I’m a believer” ensued before we were able to board.

The ride itself was great, but we’d have liked it to be longer as it was the highlight of the experience. We rose out of the building, over the London Eye and out of the city towards Far Far Away Land. En route we were escorted by dragons from “How to Train Your Dragon”, chased by witches and finally landed in Shrek’s swamp.

In our search for the ogre, we encountered Esmeralda and her crystal ball, Gingy the Muffin Man, Pinocchio and the mischievous Rumpelstiltskin, alongside the aforementioned characters. We moved from room to room, interacting with all of them and there was plenty of humour throughout.


The actors did their jobs well and provided good entertainment for all the family. It was certainly a big hit with my daughter.



Shrek’s Adventure is in London, England, UK. It is on the south bank of the River Thames, next to the London Eye and opposite the Houses of Parliament


The whole experience lasted about 90 minutes, including the queue on arrival. No photography is allowed during the experience but there are photo opportunities with Shrek et al at the end. An expensive photobook and other souvenirs are available to buy. For further information, visit Shrek’s Adventure

For more on our trip to London, click here


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