A Stroll around Fitzroy Square

Here are some brief musings on one small aspect of my trip to London.

George Bernard Shaw and Virginia Wolf lived in this house, said the plaque at 28/29, though presumably not at the same time. Out in the square, people are sitting on seats, arranged around an attractive fenced green oasis. They’re chatting, eating lunch, reading and enjoying quiet time – for this is a tranquil area in the midst of the bustling city.

Moving on, I pass the Mozambique High Commission, the Liberian and Croatian Embassies, as well as the home of Robert Cecil, 3 times Prime Minister. Francisco de Miranda, the Latin American independence pioneer, lived on the corner, just along from renowned architect Robert Adam. Adam was responsible for the south and east sides of Fitzroy Square itself. Did anyone ordinary live in this square? It was reassuring to find a hair salon, accountants’ offices and other evidence of normality. The blue plaques on the doors gave the impression I was in the centre of the literary, architectural and political universe. But it was oh so quiet.


Fitzroy Square is in London, England, UK, close to Euston Station and Regents Park. The Indian YMCA on the corner of the square does a great curry at lunchtime!


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